The Glove Box

00 Glove Box Carbon Copy
Carbon Copy forms for The Glove Box

As part of conceptualizing and building CARBON COPY, we invited the public to participate in The Glove Box. Intended to capture a weird cross-section of car-based moments, anyone who has ever been a driver or passenger was invited to answer a series of questions:

Describe your first car. What colour was it? Was it a jalopy? Did you name it?

What was its demise?

The average Albertan spends 25 minutes commuting to work. How do you pass the time?

Greatest distance you’ve traveled by car?

Most magical road trip?

Favourite road trippin’ tune?

Cars can be places of great change (good + bad). Conversations or collisions can transform your worldview forever. Can you share a revelation from the road?

The public could answer these questions by filling out a form at our booth, set up beside CARBON COPY for a few days after the unveiling of the sculpture. Or people could fill out the questions online.


All text was written on carbon copy paper. The transfers will be placed in the literal glove box of the sculpture, creating a time capsule of this moment in time, when car culture sits on a precipice impacted by the potential of self-driving cars, the looming threat of global warming, and a shift in culture towards unknown horizons.

Glove Box 56

Below are scans of the carbon copies we collected – which will be slipped into the glove box later this month. We’ve compiled an eclectic playlist of everbody’s favourite road trippin’ tunes at the end of this blog post.

33 Papa's Car
Above: A ’56 Chevy belonging to The Skulsky Family (Caitlind Brown’s maternal family)

Glove Box 61

Below is the playlist, compiled from everyone’s answers to “What is your favourite road trippin’ tune?”