CARBON COPY, Caitlind r.c. Brown & Wayne Garrett, 2018. Automobile, fibreglass, structural steel. 15.5 ft x 5.6 ft x 4.4 ft. Fabricated by F&D Scene Changes. Coordinated by Zebra Public Art Management. Commissioned by First Capital Realty and Sun Life Assurance Company of Canada. Edmonton Brewery District, Edmonton, Canada.

CARBON COPY was developed to explore intersections between cars, commerce, mass production, consumer culture, surrealism, glitch aesthetics, and everyday spaces. Literally built from the body of a 1988 Plymouth Caravelle (with Chevrolet hubcaps), CARBON COPY is a playful monument to North American’s obsession with car culture.

An intervention in plain sight, the artwork is installed on the corner of a parking lot in the Edmonton Brewery District. At night, the artwork’s signal lights and tail light glow, and a scanner bar strobes the surrounding parking lot every 20 seconds.